Practical course from the industry insiders during Venice Architecture Biennale
Architecture and Design

Practical course during Venice Architecture Biennale
About the course
You love art, design and architecture. You want to connect with people that move creative ideas forward right now. Experience Venice and the Venice Biennale together with like-minded students from all over the world. Here, you and your peers are immersed in inspiring environment led by the renowned faculty and industry experts. Gain new skills to create greater impact with your work immediately.

Start any Monday, stay for any number of weeks:
  • Join for 1 week to focus on a particular topic;
  • Join for 2 weeks to cover wider field of subjects;
  • Join for 3 weeks for in-depth all-round experience and extra opportunities.
OR Join a 3-day Venice Biennale intense Crash Course
May 22-27
Visit exclusive Venice Biennale pre-opening week.The program is a balanced combination of classes on contemporary architecture, meetings with architects, visits to incredible museums and preview parties. It is a rare opportunity to see historic Venetian palazzos before they open to the public, observe the setup of the exhibition and meet international creative crowd.
Subjects: Architecture as Identity; Venice, Europe; Drawing, Modelling & Photography; Combining the new with the old; Architecture & Public Space; Curatorial history and organization of the Venice Biennale.
Visits: Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice Biennale; Punta della Dogana.

July 9-14 | August 6-11
The week focuses on architecture and will explore the relationship between people and building; the question of contemporary preservation; architecture and public space; and the methods and means of communicating buildings. It includes a hands-on workshop in the city and visits to world-renowned projects.
Subjects: People and place; Drawing, Modelling & Photography; Combining the new with the old; Architecture and Public Space; Curating Architecture.
Visits: Punta della Dogana, Cimitero di San Michele , Fondaco dei Tedeschi , Fondazione Querini Stampalia and Housing on Calle Michelangelo, Giudecca.

June 18-23 | July 16-21 | August 13-18 | November 12-17
This week will get to grips with the 16. Biennale Architettura. Large in scale and, for that reason, often times intimidating, tours and reflections by experts and practitioners will allow us to take the time to really see and understand the Biennale: it's history, contemporary position on the world stage, it's unique model of exhibiting, and why it's considered to be so important.
Subjects: A history of the Biennale Architettura; Case study: Organising national pavilion and collateral event; PR & Communication for Architecture and Design exhibitions; Personal experience: curator & architect.
Visits: Multiple guided visits to National Participations; Central Pavilion and pre-selected collateral events are the key part of the course.

June 25-30 | July 23-28 | August 20-25
This week will focus on understanding the role of design in relation to the built environment. In order to do this, it will examine design as a broad topic: design as field impacts all of us – at every moment of the day and across multiple scales. By exploring its relationship to architecture and urbanism, we will aim to reveal its enduring relevance. The week includes visits to Fondazione Querini Stampalia , Olivetti Showroom, Ottica Urbani and La Partigiana.
Subjects: Contemporary curatorial practices; Design and Publishing; Design of the human; The craft of glass; The world of copies; Infrustructure and design; Design and Technology.
Visits: The Olivetti Showroom; Fondaco dei Tedeschi; Querini Stampalia; Tour by curator of Venice Design show; Boat tour to Murano to visit the glass studio.

May 29 -31 | July 18-20 | October 4-6
Let us share all the insider information about the Biennale with you. During these three intensive days, you'll learn how the Biennale is managed and how to become a part of


Who can apply?
Our participants come from all backgrounds and the course is open for anyone with an interest in Arts, Architecture and Culture. Students are awarded a certificate upon successful completion.

N.B. ECA is a non-credit, non-degree professional program. University students will only get credits if their university has a partnership with ECA.
How to apply?
Enrol by applying online. Please mind that we only 20 people per group will be accepted.
Booking details and fees
Application deadline: 10 days before the start date. Groups fill up quickly, the sooner you apply, the better.
Tuition fee: €950/week, €1900/ 2weeks, €2850/ 3 weeks; €1400/3day Crash Course.
Housing: available at extra cost
Location: Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Rossini, Biennale premises
Classes start at 9.30 and finish at 17.00. Morning classes take place in historic palazzos located in the center of Venice. Each program includes workshops with curators, artists or architects. You spend afternoons visiting museums, design studios and the Venice Biennale, the most prestigious art and architecture event in the world.
More questions? Visit FAQ page or get in touch study@europeanculturalacademy.eu
Meet your classroom
Morning classes take place in historic Venetian palazzos - Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Rossini. Take a virtual tour to see these astonishing buildings.
The ambition of this course is to reveal and understand design as a fundamental component of the built environment, and architecture as integral to the world of design.
James Taylor-Foster
Course coordinator, curator at ArkDes, Stockholm, European editor-at-large of Archdaily
Our lecturers come from the leading world institutions and are passionate about creativity, innovation and personal connections.
The opportunity to learn on the "behind the scenes" of the Venice Biennale was invaluable.The Academy nurtured in me the will to pursue a professional experience within the Biennale one day. We studied in the environment full of warmth and joy. It could not have been better!
Maria Teresa Tavares
Arts and Cultural Management student,
University of Melbourne
The dynamic relationships and idea exchanges with fellow students is so valuable. The course gave me sense of validation and calm regarding the direction of my career and personal path through the world of art and culture.

Jocelyn Burke
Art lover
Professionals shared the secrets of the trade in an personal setting and we were challenged to try ourselves in a group exercise. The program also includes a visit to the Biennale, to local workshops, which makes the week intense, but also fun and very rewarding.

Hisham Tawfeeqi
ECA is an awesome experience for the beginners and professionals likewise. Beginners can get first-hand insights into the industry of visual arts premium events, and professionals get access to a wide network and can position their work in a global context.
Lana Pavlovic Aleksic
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N.B. One week tuition fee is €950. We only accept 20 people per course.
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