Work online and in Amsterdam, NL to create an art object in collaboration with a group of international artists, creatives and curious minds. After the artwork is created, ECA will get busy with logistics to bring it to the Burning Man 2020
AVAILABILITY 2020: places still available

DATES: June 23 - 27, 2020

TUITION FEE: 1500 EUR. You can pay 350 EUR to secure the spot and pay the rest later.



DURATION: 5 days

LOCATION: Several locations in Amsterdam

CALL OR WHATSAPP US: +39 320 245 06 31


During the Workshop:

This is the first course we are offering in a new format. Work with international artists online and in Amsterdam and receive international exposure at Burning Man. In two phases, we first develop the concept together online in collaboration with Andrew Johnstone and international artists. The second phase is the on-site workshop which takes place in Amsterdam 23 - 27 June, 2020. You work in collaboration with others - a group of international artists, creatives and curious minds. You join forces to work, learn and grow.

All week you work intensely on your part of the project under the guidance of the workshop leader. You talk to top-experts in the field, study the Burning Man principles and get your hands dirty. The concept is challenging, ambitious and a bit risky, just the way we like it.

The time commitment: the project will take a week of intense work in Amsterdam and scheduled online meetings beforehand.

After creation:

After the object is created, ECA will get busy with logistics and organisation to transport it across the ocean and present it on the Playa during the Burning Man (Aug - Sep, 2020). The event is visited by 80.000 people and art is an integral part of its culture and experience*.

*Please note, that we cannot guarantee your personal tickets to the Burning Man. We gladly share the information and guidelines on how to get them.

Artists get all the credit for creating the object. ECA takes care of the organisational details, transportation, logistic, setup and dismantle. Documentation is important so ECA will also hire a videographer to create a video about the experience.

1. Mammoth art piece at the Burning Man 2019
2. The Burning Man sculpture with the manbase created by Andrew Johnstone
3. Stone 27 interactive sculpture at the Burning Man 2019
4. Burning Man from above
5. Maria, ECA Director, at the Burning Man 2019
In the past few years, Amsterdam has re-emerged as a hotspot for contemporary art. Aspiring artistic talent is flourishing in the Dutch capital as new art spaces appear on a rolling basis. It is becoming known for experimental exhibitions and almost rebellious artists. Amsterdam is arguably famous for its museums: Stedelijk Museum with works of Mike Kelley, Marlene Dumas or Henri Matisse, de Appel arts centre with a rich history of performance art. There are galleries as well as experimental artist-led spaces that work outside of institutional frameworks and offer a new concept of staging exhibitions.
Meeting 1: Introduction and first assignment
On Monday April 14th (evening) we will have our first web-meeting with Andrew and all the participants. Andrew will present Burning Man philosophy, talk about 10 Principles and we will start the discussion of your ideas. You will also get your first assignment. We will use Slack and Zoom for communication.

Meeting 2: Concept presentation and discussion
After the meeting you will work on the concept, materials and make precise plans. Andrew will give personal feedback on each of your projects.

Meeting 3: Meeting with experts
We bring several experts (from curators to NASA engineers) that inspire, guide and connect you.

Meeting 4: Final discussion and preparation for on-site workshop
And there is more - We also had a meeting with Rene Rietmeyer, the President of the European Cultural Centre in Venice and he confirmed the possibility to exhibit the result of the project in Venice. It is an exciting opportunity and we are happy to be able to showcase the project on both sides of the ocean!

You are welcome to join this workshop. This is not an open call but you are welcome to share the invite with your network, people who you trust, get inspired by or want by your side.

To confirm your spot, you pay the reservation fee. The rest can be paid up to two weeks before the start of the course.
Suitable for artists, designers, architects and creative minds.
Our workshop leader has vast experience creating art - for the Burning Man project and beyond. For 2005 - 2018, Andrew Johnstone was honoured with the title "Design Steward of the Man" and has led the design of the Man Base, the highly stylised base on which the man stands. The Independent called him 'the visionary who helps create the most iconic moment of each year's event'. Andrew specialises in large scale art projects, murals, 3D computer designs, and geo maps. See examples of his work below.
call or whatsapp 0039 320 245 06 31
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