Calling for a creative space shaping process, this studio focuses on how interiority is maintained and revealed in public space. Through the charting of body movements, it queries how inner freedom can add meaning to place. Answers to this question will be found in the process of observing, tracing, mapping time and distance. Exploring the unique porosity of Venice, a city between water and land, students have a unique opportunity to engage with interior and exterior conditions and how freedom of movement can shape novel spatial conditions and new parameters for architectural design.

  1. Pratt Institute Students in BA an MA Architecture and Interior Design


will GET

Rethink the nature of spaces
Rethink the nature of spaces through an interdisciplinary exploration
Develop onsite sketching skills
Develop onsite sketching skills and improvise real-time decision making that informs studio practices
Understand the realities of climate urgency in Venice
Map body movements in Venice to better understand the fragilities of life in a tidal lagoon where the realities of climate urgency are overtly evident
Improve free-hand drawing practices
Increase student ability to communicate volumetric ideas in 3-D language and 2-D sketches through daily free-hand drawing practices
Foster deeper understanding of collaboration
Foster deeper understanding of collaboration and how it may function in inclusive practices, opening up new possibilities for future design projects and work
Understand the solving process of design projects
Learn how tacit knowledge is a valuable asset in the solving process of design projects


Lex - Braes
Pratt InstituteLex Braes


Course modules

Space, Interiority Anonymity and Porosity

Spatial Environs: Exterior

Spatial Environs: Interior

Spatial Environs: Thresholds

Defining Space Architecturally

A Myriad of Interpretations

Final Design


350€Reservation fee
1650€Full price


  • ECA programme fee (please note this does not include Pratt Institute tuition and fees)
  • Study files and materials
  • Tickets to museums and exhibitions that are part of the schedule
  • European Cultural Centre exhibition catalogue
  • Welcome and graduation events
  • Goodie bag with a map of Venice, notebook and a pen
  • Personalised graduation certificate
  • Not included: flights, accommodation and food
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